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Bernina L890 QE

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Truly a revolution in Overlock and Coverstitching

  • One-Step BERNINA Air Threader
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Fast, precise & quiet
  • Extremely convenient
  • Total Stitch Control
  • Perfect bundle of accessories to get you going!

Bernina L890QE with free gifts

Quilters’ first choice: L 890 QE

Fast and precise seams can be achieved with ease when using the BERNINA L 890 QE. Create perfect 1/4“ seams using an overlock or chainstitch, or take your creativity off the edge and explore texture, taking your quilting projects to another level.

Bernina L890 QE on table

The One-step BERNINA Air Threader makes threading the looper threads unbelievably easy. The threads are magically moved through the machine via one simple step on the foot control. Remarkably quick and easy! The L 890 QE automatically sets the loopers in the correct position for the air threader—no turning the handwheel or searching for the right position. Simply press the foot control and you’re off!

Color-coded One-path Threading enables you to switch from an overlock stitch to a coverstitch using the same thread paths each time.

The L 890 QE is easily operated using the centrally located Color Touch Screen. Stitch selection, individual stitch settings, stitch properties or memory—the touch screen has all of the information available at your fingertips anytime you need it and allows you to make changes while sewing. A Creative Consultant, Stitch Optimizer and helpful animations for all functions are available to you. Operation can be performed in two modes: Advanced users can apply all desired settings directly, quickly and individually in Expert Mode, while in Guided Mode beginners will directly receive step-by-step instructions for stitch selection, machine settings and stitch optimization. Both modes automatically set the thread tension, stitch length and the differential feed along with the stitch selection.

All settings can be changed individually and 100 stitches can be saved in your Personal Memory. Stitch length, differential feed and thread tension can also be adjusted while sewing. The needle stop can be permanently set up or down, depending on the application. With the Micro Thread Control (mtc), the amount of the overedge thread can be precisely adjusted with a simple turn of the mtc knob. The result? Create endless variations of decorative stitches thanks to Total Stitch Control. THE BERNINA ADVANTAGE If you’re a proud quilter and owner of a BERNINA quilting machine, then you’ll be thrilled with the L 890 QUILTERS EDITION Overlock/Coverstitch Combo machine. It’s not only packed with many functions and BERNINA benefits you already know and love—it’s also equipped with special accessories for easy quilting and shines from outside with a special quilting pattern design. Try it all out with Amanda Murphy’s quilt, designed to show you the special effects!

Convenient features you'll love

  • Raise or lower the needle by a half stitch
  • BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) to raise and lower the presser foot
  • Swing out the presser foot to access the needles
By pressing the foot control with your heel, you can easily raise or lower the needle by a half stitch. The BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) lets you raise and lower the presser foot with your knee, leaving both your hands free to guide the fabric.

Grand sewing space

  • 5 5/8" to the right of the needle
  • Extension table included
  • Convenient freearm
The space offered on the L 890 is generous by any definition. It has more room to the right of the needle and more work space height than any other BERNINA overlocker/serger. Sew closed items with ease by simply sliding sleeves or cuffs over the convenient freearm.

Fast, precise & quiet

  • Sew up to 1,350 stitches per minute
  • Strong, consistent and precise at any speed
  • Program and control speed via touch screen
Not only can you sew quickly, but you can also sew stitch-by-stitch, making the flawless production of precise lines and curves a simple process. Plus, you will enjoy how extremely quiet the BERNINA L 890 sews. Program and control the maximum and minimum speeds via the color touch screen.

The perfect seam for every idea

  • For all types of fabrics & threads
  • Sew using either 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads
  • For overlock, chain-/cover- & combo stitches
The L 890 sews using 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads, providing the perfect seam for every design. From the stretchiest knits to the most loosely woven fabrics the L 890 has the perfect stitch for particularly highly elastic and knitted materials, and threads. Combine both overlock, cover- and chainstitches for extra durable seams using 4- or 5-thread combo stitches.

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